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Truly Great Coffee

Special harvests: Deep within our roots and bringing innovation into the processing techniques we present a coffee that will activate your senses.

Origin: Our privileged climate and fertile soils (of volcanic origin and low acidity), provide our land with ideal conditions for the production of a higher quality bean, which delivers an aromatic, delicate and great tasting cup. 


Specialty Coffee: Specialty coffee can consistently exist through the dedication of the people who have made it their life's work to continually make quality their highest priority. This is not the work of only one person in the lifecycle of a coffee bean; specialty can only occur when all of those involved in the coffee value chain work in harmony and maintain a keen focus on standards and excellence from start to finish. This is no easy accomplishment...                                          



Why Origin And Process Matter 

We believe in coffee which goes from farm to cup following sustainable processes and closing the traditional gap between consumer and small farmers in Costa Rica's best coffee regions.

Tarrazú might be the best known of these regions, where its high altitudes contribute to the coffee's crisp acidity. The Western Valley has a high percentage of Cup of Excellence winners, and grows an abundance of both the Costa Rica–specific varieties Villa Sarchi and Villa Lobos, as well as some of the more “experimental” varieties that have arrived, such as SL-28 and Gesha. 

We aim to support these coffee farmers by providing educational assistance and paying fair rates, ultimately resulting in a superior-quality bean which in return will increase farmer profits, allowing them to better support their families and community. 

Ripe Coffee Beans
Pour Over Coffee


Third Wave Of Coffee

Coffee in many ways is like wine, which is why we strive to respect the stages, processes and relationships required to produce a great tasting, high-quality cup of coffee. Our purpose is to bring to our customers the best beans from award winning coffee regions in Costa Rica and offer them in a range of traditional and more progressive brewing methods. 

As a local company we have direct access to coffee farmers which ensures single-origin coffee beans, consistency in the quality and taste. 

We invite you to try our different roasts in your brewing method of choice or simply discover new tastes as you adventure into the third wave of coffee!

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